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Technical - Cavity wall insulation
Bonded Bead is an expanded polystyrene bead made under strict quality control procedures to satisfy the increasing demand for lightweight, waterproof, solid and trouble free insulation material.


Envirobead is Irelands leading cavity wall insulation beads on offer. Envirobead has a constant density that produces a natural matrix between the beads which in turn creates a drainage passage. Envirobead resists the effect of gravity and does not settle ensuring that these qualities are maintained. Envirobead uses a durable adhesive to bind the beads together and maintains a ventilated cavity. The thermal conductivity of Envirobead is 0.035w/m k.  The thermal conductivity of Envirobead Plus is 0.033w/m2k.

Envirobead use a two stage expansion process and the beads are cured overnight. Quality assessments are constantly being carried out to ensure the high quality of the bead is always maintained.


Technical - Attic Insulation 

There are a number of different products that can be used to insulate your attic. The most common is fibreglass rolls laid down between the joists and across the top of the joists to give a finished level of 300mm (12 inches) which achieves the required U value of 0.16w/m2k. Details of the well knowns brands can be found by clicking the links here: Moy Isover G3 and Knauf Earthwool

Attic insulation can also be blown in using Rockwool or Warmcel amongst others. Not all installers will have the facility to use blown attic insulation so check out availability. The main difference with blown insulation is that it is easier to get into the smaller nooks and crannies that are inaccessible to the installer. 

There are specifications for insulating an attic under the Better Energy Homes Scheme and these are contained on page 24 of the SEAI Code of Practice.




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