Heating Upgrades Waterford

At Envirobead, we offer a full heating upgrade for all kinds of properties in Waterford. Whether you are looking for a new heating control system or a new energy-efficient and high-condensing boiler, our team can help you modernize your central heating system.

What is a heating upgrade?

Enhancing the energy efficiency of your home involves various considerations. While the insulation of cavity walls and attics has gained significant attention in recent years, the heating system is a crucial factor influencing energy consumption, whether it runs on oil or gas. Many households still rely on outdated boiler systems, some of which may operate at efficiency levels as low as 60%. This is alarming, as it implies that 40 cents of every euro spent on oil or gas is essentially wasted.

EnviroBead recommends boilers with an efficiency rating of 91% or higher, allowing you to achieve savings of up to 30% when transitioning to a high-efficiency condensing boiler. You should also consider having heating controls installed. The heating controls will allow you to selectively heat specific rooms, preventing the unnecessary use of fuel in unoccupied spaces. Furthermore, the implementation of the Thermostatically controlled Radiator Valves allows precise temperature control for individual rooms. These enhancements to your heating system not only result in annual savings amounting to hundreds of euros but, when combined with insulation upgrades, render your home more cost-effective to heat. Importantly, these improvements contribute to a heightened level of comfort, particularly during the extended, chilly nights of winter.

With our dedicated service, we will not only install your new heating upgrade but will assist you in applying for the SEAI’s grant. These grants are available for boiler and heating control upgrades so why not get in touch with us for a quotation?

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