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Envirobead is your one-stop solution for all your insulating and heating your home with attic insulation and cavity wall insulation services in Waterford. We are specialist cavity wall insulation contractors who have installed cavity wall insulation for thousands of homes in Waterford. If your home isn’t insulated, you could be losing as much as 35% of the heat through the walls. Poor insulation will cost you a lot of money. We can help improve your insulation. Our company is known as the industry leader for providing superb service and installing high-performance insulation systems.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is an extremely effective way of preventing heat loss in the home and can save you up to €130 per year on your energy bills. Did you know that 35 percent of heat is lost through the roof of your home? By installing attic insulation in your home, you will not only increase the energy performance rating of your home but also reduce the carbon footprint, great for your home and the planet. It is important to combat heat loss today.
To meet building regulation standards today your attic should have a minimum of 12 inches of insulation. If your attic insulation does not meet these standards and you would like to understand how we can go about helping you get to a higher standard, please call your local EnviroBead installer and request a free home energy survey. 
Our qualified advisor will survey your property and let you know what simple measures your property requires to meet the current building regulations and inform you of what grants or discounts are available in your area.

Cavity Wall Insulation  

Cavity wall insulation is a key factor in reducing the amount of heat loss in your home. Not only will cavity wall insulation make your house warmer, but it will make heating your home more efficient, reducing your heating bills and saving you money. Cavity wall insulation offers a low-cost solution and a high return on investment saving you thousands over a lifetime.  
Heat loss through uninsulated cavity walls is said to be about 25% and with an average home costing €1500-2000 to heat, your savings could be €500 per annum! 
The installation of cavity wall insulation is a relatively simple procedure, typically taking less than a day to complete. It involves drilling a series of small holes in the exterior of the house. Through these holes, a special adhesive is injected along with beads that merge together, creating a seamless layer of insulation that fills every gap and crevice, surpassing the coverage of traditional board insulation. 
Afterward, the drilled holes are carefully patched up using a mixture of sand and cement. In cases where feasible, a dye is applied to ensure that the patched areas closely match the original colour, maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the wall. Our team is always on hand to answer any questions so get in touch with us. We also offer a free quotation so simply fill in your details and we will be in touch to organise a free survey.  

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